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Any music lover will know that a vinyl record is more than just an ordinary object with sound recorded on it. It is magic that used to delight our grandparents and parents, today it captivates us. No other medium provides such a unique sound as vinyl records, with characteristic crackles and noises. So let's get to know a few interesting facts about them and practical tips to enjoy the unique energy of vinyl as long as possible.

The history of vinyl records

The man who invented the gramophone record was the German Emil Berliner. He received the first patent in 1887, and in the following years he focused on the development of this technology. Vulcanized rubber (ebonite) was used to press 5-inch (12.7 cm) vinyl records, and the playback speed was set at 70 revolutions per minute. This is how the record industry was born, the father of which was Berliner. Other inventors also did not idle, perfecting the idea of the German. In 1946, the record company RCA introduced polyvinyl chloride, which became the main material in the production of records for years.

In Poland, vinyl records (and turntables) went on sale in 1989.

Vinyl records today

When observing the modern vinyl market, one should only be happy. After all, there was a time when people threw them in the garbage, as well as cassette tapes, believing that they were useless. Fortunately, such terrible times are behind us, today vinyl records have regained the prestige and respect they deserve. Wax albums are being released by more and more bands and musicians, even those that no one would suspect. Fans often ask at the time of the album's announcement whether it will be released on vinyl. In turn, for professional DJs, vinyl records are the basic working tool.

Why is it worth collecting vinyl records?

In today's world, people are moving away from physical carriers, music, movies and games are more and more often distributed in a digital version. Why is it worth collecting vinyls anyway?

First of all - for the same reason that people collect stamps, coins, paintings or figurines. Having a collection of your favorite items pleases the eye, is a kind of trophy. In this context, the vinyls look great on the shelf, and looking at the various covers is a pleasure in itself. Just like searching for new albums in music stores, online auctions or vinyl exchanges, called digging.

Secondly - the vinyls offer an interesting, unforgettable sound. In addition to the melody, beat or singing, we will hear there characteristic crackles or noises that make the song sound different than on a regular album or on a streaming service.

Third - like any valuable collection, it is an investment. Vinyl records are more expensive than standard CD albums, so when we collect a large number of them, we can sell them at a profit if necessary. In addition, our collection will be the more expensive, the more vinyls we have, or issued in a special version.

Fourth - passion allows you to meet great people who have the same hobbies. When collecting vinyl records, sooner or later we will find a soul mate who reacts positively to sounds from a black disc.

How to take care of vinyl records?

How to care for vinyls? Here are some tips to help keep our trophies in top condition.

It is best to store them in a clean, dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Order is something our vinyls will like. Boards scattered around shelves, cabinets or even the floor will quickly deteriorate or get lost. One of the most common mistakes is to lay the boards horizontally. Compared to other formats, vinyls are quite heavy, so pressure in the long run will damage the media.

A good solution for storing vinyl records is to put them in special containers. When our collection is not yet too extensive, a vinyl binder, used by DJs, for example, should suffice. It will hold about 100 CDs, so when we reach this limit, you can buy another one. However, if our collection grows day by day, it is worth considering the purchase of a special rack. Such a piece of furniture filled with hundreds of vinyl records is a beautiful sight, but of course it requires space in our apartment.

As obvious as it may seem, it's worth remembering how to grab vinyls. Always by the edges or the inner label in the middle, we never touch the playing surface. From time to time, it is worth cleaning the most frequently listened albums. This can be done dry, with a carbon fiber brush, or wet. Then we use a disc cleaning liquid and a microfiber cloth for cleaning.

The medium is one thing, but there are still covers. The covers are an important part of the release, they draw attention to a specific album. Some people search vinyl stores on this basis and make a purchase on this basis. This is how great things go into our collection

which we wouldn't normally check. The covers are best kept in T-shirts made of thick, transparent foil.

Where to buy black records?

Buying vinyl is addictive, fortunately this addiction does not require treatment. However, it is worth knowing where you can get black plates, so you can sometimes save some cash or buy the proverbial white crow. Today, the times for vinyl seekers are definitely better than the times without the Internet. Back then, to get an album on wax, e.g. with American rap, you had to look really well. Today, the possibilities are much greater, but this only proves that vinyls are on top again. What's more, more and more often black plates can be purchased even in grocery stores.

Stationary vinyl stores

A natural and obvious choice, especially as there are more and more of them. Benefits? Professional service, large assortment, access to new products, safe shopping, promotions.

Vinyl markets, music fairs, antique shops, bazaars, second-hand shops

This is a paradise for people who love to look for records on the proverbial nose or have a specific product on the list. In such places you can get unique things, often at attractive prices. However, it is worth checking the condition of the disc before buying it, it may be damaged or worn out.


You can buy everything online, so there is no shortage of vinyl. You can get them both in popular auction sites, online stores or special groups for social media enthusiasts. The advantages include a large selection or the ability to buy records from collectors. In our store you will find over 11,000,000 records, and the number is constantly growing. Enjoy your shopping.

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