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Popmaster Records Shop in Słupsk, Pomerania is one of the best-stocked vinyl record stores in Poland. Vinyl Records: If you’re a music enthusiast, vinyl records (those magical black discs) might be your jam! They offer a unique sound experience. 🎶 You can explore a vast collection of vinyl records at PopMaster, where every record tells a story and carries its own nostalgic charm. Whether you’re into blues, rock, classical, or pop, there’s something for everyone! Over 12 000 vinyl records, CD, MC, LaserDisc, Schelack discs, VHS video tapes, Vintage Hi-Fi etc. under one roof. The entire range is available at www.popmaster.pl. The product is available on shelves in a solid packaging within 24 hours to all corners of the world. You can also visit the store in person and become familiar with the assortment in a store located in Słupsk at 39 Wileńska street Box 99 and 100. The possibility of listening to vinyl records, CDs or cassettes or VHS. Nice atmosphere, stress-free shopping and a huge selection of music on vinyls, CDs, MCs and VHS is our greatest asset.

We started our activity in 1999. On January 30, 2012, we launched our first online store, gaining further experience and expanding the area of operation.

The satisfaction of our clients is the most important thing for us, that's why we make every effort to ensure that the orders are processed quickly and the offered product was of the highest quality. Thanks to the commitment of our professionals who are happy to provide advice, shopping in our online store becomes pure pleasure. 

If you have any questions, we looking forward to hearing from you throug contact form, , e-mail popmaster.pl@outlook.com or phone +48508166388


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